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All Zoo visits require preregistration for a specific date and arrival time, please click here to learn more about what to expect during your next visit to the Zoo and how to preregister. The availability per timeslot will differ between member reservations and admission tickets. Availability not guaranteed.

Reservations Required to attend the Zoo. No additional charge for reservations. Zoo Members do not need a reservation from 2 pm – 4pm daily through Tuesday, November 17 (2pm – 4pm no Member reservations ends 11/17/2020). For PNC Festival of Lights – Starting Monday, November 23, Zoo Members do not need a reservation Mondays – Thursdays from 7:30pm – 8:30pm through December 17 ONLY. No entry after 8:30pm. PNC Festival of Lights is included with Zoo Admission. The Zoo is closed all day Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.?

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